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About Mt. Sierra College


Mt Sierra College is located in the beautiful City of Monrovia, CA just 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles at the base of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, just eight miles east of the City of Pasadena in Los Angeles County.

Monrovia has everything from world-class cultural facilities to glorious recreational outlets to top-rated education and healthcare facilities within minutes for its residents. Residents will find that they are close to everything that is Los Angeles: the Rose Bowl, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Palm Springs, the Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and other Southern California attractions are all just a short drive away.

History of the College

Mt. Sierra College was founded in January of 1990 and continues to serve the ever-growing need for leaders in design and media arts, business and technology. The effective use of technology has always been at the core of its educational mission.

During the early days of its existence, the College was known as Computer Technology Institute and briefly as Pasadena Career Institute. The college changed its name to Mt. Sierra Career College in January 1991. Short courses in computer software applications were offered at that time. In 1992, the College became a Novell Education Academic Partner and was authorized to offer Novell courses. In 1993 the College began its long-standing partnership with Microsoft and was authorized to offer Microsoft certification preparation courses.

The College laid the foundation for its Bachelor of Science degree programs in 1994 and changed its name to Mt. Sierra College. Now the cornerstone of its mission, the College’s bachelor degree programs undergo continuous review to insure that students are receiving the education they need to succeed. After receiving accreditation in April of 1996, Mt. Sierra College offered its first courses leading to degrees in Telecommunications Technology, Multimedia Design Tech¬nology and Computer Information Technology. In the Fall of 2002, Mt. Sierra College launched its first business degree program, a Bachelor of Science in eBusiness.

Since then, the College has introduced new programs in the Media Arts and Design department, including the innovative Game Arts and Design program. The College now offers two additional business degrees, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, as well as an additional degree in technology, Information Security.
Pioneering the use of online technology, the College developed its FlexLearn® instructional delivery method, introduced in January, 2002. FlexLearn® means flexi¬ble learning! FlexLearn® students complete their degrees taking a combination of online and campus-based courses. If the past is any indication of the future, Mt. Sierra College will continue its pattern of innovative curriculum development.

Why Student Choose Us

It doesn’t take long to take in the fact that Mt Sierra College is a place for the creative, imaginative, out-of-box thinkers who learn best when they are able to immediately apply what they learn to practical real world skills. Our students are from a diverse population that represents a global world.

The student community of Mt Sierra College is one where you can find groups studying or working on a class project or a Smash Brothers tournament being held in the student commons. It is a place where ping-pong tournaments and internships are mentioned in the same conversation. The artistic and imaginative student who has an interest in information security, graphic design, visual effects, computer information systems, or business entrepreneurship will find a home at Mt Sierra College.

Letter from the President

Mt Sierra College has been serving the San Gabriel Valley communities for over 30 years.  In that time, we have worked to establish ourselves as student centric, goal oriented, academically creative college that promotes and celebrates student and graduate success.

To achieve our goals, we constantly strive to engage industry proven faculty with impressive lists of individual accomplishments and who have found a true enthusiasm for helping others learn the skills necessary to join them in their career field.  Our classes are unique because we challenge creative expression and work to build confidence in our students as we connect their ideas to the technical skills necessary to breathe life into them.

From the moment you walk into the lobby, you will recognize our campus to be one that is inviting and welcoming.  We are a community oriented campus and you will often see business leaders on campus which gives our students a great opportunity to connect early to potential employers.  We promote the idea of giving back by constantly hosting community activities that help ensure the community and its leaders know not only about the college but also our students and alumni.

Whether you are looking for your first college experience or are a business professional working to finish what you started, you will know we are here to help.  We become your academic partner on the journey toward a new career in Graphic Design, Business, Technology or Game Arts.  We will know you by name and more importantly will work to provide resources and solutions to ensure your success all along the way.

Welcome to Mt Sierra College and the beginning of what I believe will be one of the most exciting journeys of your life.

William Kakish, Ph.D.
President, Mt Sierra College

News & Announcements


Programming Merit Badge Day

June 27th 8am to 3.30pm
Today’s youth are spending more time than ever using digital media for education, research, socializing, and fun. To help families and volunteers keep youth safe while online, the Boy Scouts of America introduces the Cyber Chip.

Family, Friends and Food Trucks

Family, Friends and Food Trucks!

July 2nd 5pm to 9.30pm
Thursdays at 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Come join us for our monthly Food Truck Events hosted by Mt. Sierra College every first Thursday of the month.

Students throwing graduation hats

Alumni Association Page

Mt Sierra College is where creative minds brings your designs to life; where technology innovators challenge obstacles around them and Business Entrepreneurs makes their dreams a reality.We are proud to celebrate the successes of our graduates and alumni and always look for new contacts that provide our graduates opportunities to achieve their professional career goals.

We are also aware that as graduates you may need assistance with transcripts, new employment opportunities, and sometimes are available to share their personal story with our current students. As we continuously build a network or employers, alumni and community contacts, we are opening doors for the students and alumni who come to Mt Sierra College with a focus on an expected outcome.

Academic Programs


Graphic Design

Using traditional design concepts along with today’s technology, Mt. Sierra College Graphic Design graduates will be prepared to tackle complex design challenges using a wide variety of software, hardware and proven design applications. Students will learn how to create a distinctive “look” for promotional, print, graphic designs, brochures, logos, packaging, illustrations, billboards and advertisements.


Visual Effects & Digital Video

The Visual Effects and Digital Video student is seriously playful. Professionals in the visual effects and digital video field cut through the clutter and deliver a lot of information in a short amount of time. Visual Effects & Digital Video is design in motion.


Game Arts & Design

People once called them games. Now we call them training for pilots and soldiers, learning tools for children, and totally-blow-your-mind-graphics. What was once a cottage industry is now an 11 billion dollar market that desperately needs programmers and designers. With the hands-on education Mt. Sierra College offers, students become skilled professionals. Graduates of the Games Arts & Design program enter the field eager to develop the next generation of games and simulations for a growing industry.


Telecommunication Technology

With change comes opportunity. Computer technology is used all around us. It has become the backbone of the global economy. Securing our computer-based resources helps to secure our world. A degree in Information Security offers students the combination of hands-on experience, critical thinking, general education, communication skills and theoretical applications that will lead to opportunities for success within the expanding world of information security.


Computer Information Technology

Computers are essential for everyday life and business life – we just can’t get by without them. Those with a technology degree in California will be in high demand to keep these important tools up and running. Computer information technology is a hands-on, technological and communication-based area. A degree will be the stepping stone to these great jobs, and the Computer Information Technology program at Mt. Sierra is the place to start. You’ll learn the basics along with advanced techniques – things that will help you as you enter the workforce. Our program emphasizes hands-on experience with operating systems, systems design and network management. You’ll learn both theory and practice from knowledgeable faculty that want you to grow and succeed in computer information technology.


Information Security

With change comes opportunity. Computer technology is used all around us. It has become the backbone of the global economy. Securing our computer-based resources helps to secure our world. A degree in Information Security offers students the combination of hands-on experience, critical thinking, general education, communication skills and theoretical applications that will lead to opportunities for success within the expanding world of information security.


Business Administration

With a presence in virtually every sector of the economy, Business Administration continues to be a heavily sought-after skill with a universal appeal. When you include the integration of technology into standard business practices, then you have moved into the business of the twenty-first century.

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Business Entrepreneurship

As a significant contributor of jobs and innovations, entrepreneurship is vital to the stability of the American economy. Having a million dollar idea is one thing, but having the education and skill to execute the idea and turn it into a successful business is another. Enter Mt. Sierra College and the true entrepreneur.