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Arriving At Mt Sierra College

Date of Arrival

U.S. immigration regulations state that new students entering in on an F-1 student visa, will only be eligible to enter the U.S. 30 calendar days or less prior to the beginning of the program date or start date.

Students are required to arrive and report to MSC no later than 2 weeks prior to their program start date.

I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

  • The I-94 automation will eliminate the need for paper-based I-94 and instead will generate an electronic record of the non-immigrant’s entry and departure information on

Proof of Legal Status

  • Passports will now be stamped with the date of admission to the U.S. and the visa status in which one has been admitted. Along with a valid passport and I-20, this admission stamp serves as proof of legal status. It is strongly suggested that one obtains a printout of their electronic I-94 document from the CBP website after each arrival and retain these documents for their records. The printout will serve as an official I-94 record for federal and state government-based benefit applications, such as driver’s license and social security number.

I-94 Printout Instructions

  • Students will need to visit the CBP website and search for their electronic I-94 record using their name as it appears on their visa stamp page.

Phasing Out Paper I-94

All the previous rules and procedures related to the paper I-94 still apply until a student’s next entry to the U.S. creates an electronic I-94 record. If a student currently possesses the paper I-94, they will surrender it during their next departure from the U.S.

United States Port of Entry

  • Immigration Inspection
    • Upon Arrival Upon arrival, students will present their passport, visa and I-20/DS-2019.
    • After reviewing the documents and updating the student’s SEVIS record with the entry information, the port of entry official will stamp the student’s passport notating F-1 D/S (Duration of Status), date and location of arrival in the U.S. If this is not completed, please bring it to the attention of the port of entry official so that it can be stamped with this annotation.
    • While the CBP officer is inspecting the immigration documents, students may be asked some general questions. Don’t get agitated or nervous – it’s just routine procedure. Always answer clearly, honestly and politely. If there is a problem, suggest that they contact OIS .

Baggage Claim

  • After clearing customs, students should proceed to the Baggage Claim area to collect their bags. If the bags are not on the carousel, or they are marked, students should inform the airline service kiosk in the Baggage Claim area. It may be necessary to meet with an U.S. Customs officials (or Agricultural Dept.) if the bags are marked.
  • They may ask about the contents of the bags or ask to open them up. Students should follow their instructions and answer their questions honestly and politely. Please bear in mind that the penalty for carrying contraband is very high and may result in deportation.
  • To assure that you do not pack anything that could cause alarm, we suggest that you visit the TSA website

Transportation from LAX to Mt Sierra College

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is approximately 55 minutes from the Mt Sierra College Campus. Using L.A. Metro trains or public transit buses are not recommended as there is no direct and easy route to MSC at this time. All taxis and shuttles whose services are requested for at curbside of LAX are safe to use and licensed.

Transportation Options:

  • Shared Shuttles: minivan-like vehicles that seat about seven people and their luggage. The two common shuttles that students can take to MSC are below. You can get quotes and make reservations for pick up. Immediately after exiting baggage claim look for curbside signs that state the names of Super Shuttle and Prime Time Shuttle. Super Shuttle vans are blue and Prime Time vans are red.
    A shuttle attendant will be standing beside the sign on the curbside and will assist with the appropriate van for your destination. Please be sure to keep a copy of your reservation to give to them. If you do not have a reservation, you can still use the service but the rate may be a bit higher.
    The wait for the van typically ranges anywhere from 20 – 40 minutes since they try to fill-up the vans before departing LAX. Once the shuttle arrives, the driver will assist with the bags. You will be asked for the destination address, so you should state the address clearly or show a written copy of the destination address.
    The driver will inform you when you reach the destination and will unload the bags from the van, but will not carry them to the doorstep. This is when students should pay the fare (if it hasn’t already been paid) and tip the driver (generally $1 – $2 per bag).
  • Super Shuttle
  • Primetime Shuttle….
  • Taxi Cab: will arrive at the destination faster, as they don’t make stops on the way to drop off other passengers, but they are twice as expensive as the shuttle van. In order to take a taxi to a destination, students can book one from a kiosk inside the terminal that has the numbers of shuttles, limousines, taxis, hotels, or find a taxi outside. Students should ask the attendant at the information desk to recommend a taxi and should also ask for an estimate of the fare.
  • Uber: a private Car, Van, or SUV that will take you to your destination quickly and safely. The drivers arrive fast and drop off quickly, as they do not make any other stops for other passengers. You can reserve a ride for yourself or large groups and get fair quotes at the website below (translations available).

Directions to Mt Sierra College

  • It helps to be familiar with the main roads and freeways around MSC, in order to find the way or to give someone else (the shuttle driver, or a friend/relative) the correct directions.
  • The campus address is: 800 Royal Oaks #101, Monrovia, CA 91016
  • Parking is free on campus