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Open House Fall’16

Mt Sierra College opened doors for Open House on Saturday, September 10. Open House is a great opportunity to see what it’s like to be a student at Mt Sierra College. Whether you are a current student, prospective student, a high school junior or senior, parent, alumni, or community member, there will be something for you. Campus Tours are always part of our Open House, you can see state-of-the industry classrooms, Alumni and Student Galleries. Guests were able to meet with students, grads, Academics, Financial Aid and Admissions Advisors.

Link To College – 3D Modeling

Congratulations to Link to College 2016 graduates. Students combined their love for creativity and technology by participating this 3 Saturdays, Link 2 College program. After refining the 3D assets created in Maya, students were able to output one of their best 3D models to a state of art 3D printer.

Link to College – Summer Session – Week 1


Game design is currently one of the coolest STEM careers. Students get to mix their love for creativity and technology by participating this 3 Saturdays, Link 2 College program. Throughout the courses, students will receive a hand-on experience guided by the industry professional. While game design is not traditionally taught at high schools, Mt Sierra College now offers this 3 Saturdays Workshop.

Week 1 – Intro to Maya (3D)

Learning the leading industry standard 3D software package for game arts and content creations. Student will be able to understand the UI (user interface) and comprehend the fundamental use of the tools to create YOUR very own 3D models!!

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Words of wisdom from Mt Sierra College graduate Lorraine Felix

Words of wisdom from Mt Sierra College graduate Lorraine Felix

“I was always into art. I would eat, sleep, and dream art. My Parents will always buy me the art kits like the glitter paint by numbers because I loved glitter and I obviously love color. So I would always in my free time sketch and do arts and crafts all the time. In High School I actually joined a typing class, half the class was typing and half of the class was graphic design and before then I had no experience whatsoever in graphic design. So, that professor allowed me to sign up for typing class but take graphic design. In that class I learned web design, I was exposed to all kinds of graphic styles and ever since then I’ve been doing graphics and sketching ever since then. Even since.

I was going to community college when I first heard about Mt. Sierra College and I immediately signed up to go for tour and in that tour I realized they have a lot of small classes that were you know more individual time with a professor, one-one-one so they could intensely critic my work and that would improve my work.

One of my favorite classes was the first Photoshop class. I was exposed to different mediums, using textures and making your artwork come to life. The instructor who taught that class really showed me how fun and exciting graphic design is and how graphic design is used everywhere. Everywhere you go you see business cards, banners, flyers, posters even the signage in the streets are all graphic design. Typography. So, just seeing that the world come to life through graphics really wanted me to become a part of that.”

“One of the most challenging projects for me was digital painting and also vector illustration. Because I do like the layout of graphic design but sketching something from scratch is a little bit difficult for me, but with the help of professors, dedicated professors, their enthusiasm really helped me, you know, overcome those hurdles and develop some really cool art pieces.

During the time that I was interning at Mt Sierra College for graphic design. I heard about the internship that paramount was offering for graphic design and marketing so through them I decided to apply and within three days I got the internship. I’ve been here for almost a year. I’ve learned so much and I feel so much more prepared for the real world when I graduate.

I would like to take some time to encourage students out there or people in general that the sky is the limit, that you can do anything that you could put your mind to. Despite any obstacle despite any feelings of inadequacy. You know, if you apply yourself and never give up you could accomplish anything.”

-Lorraine Felix
 Mt Sierra College
 Bachelor of Arts Degree
 Media Arts & Design
 Class of 2016