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Dear Mt Sierra College Parents,

Welcome! We are elated that you are taking an active role in your child’s academic experience at Mt Sierra College. New and exciting things are continuously happening on our campus, so we encourage you to stay up to date with the news and events.

Stay informed to experience all that we have to offer your student and family. As your child learns new skills, gains confidence and grows, we believe they will transition into a career that is stimulating and rewarding. Your participation, support and encouragement, are vital parts of their success. As you watch them embark upon each new challenge, you will be able to see their transformation first hand and celebrate their successes all along the way.

Stay engaged with Mt Sierra College by actively participating in our regularly scheduled community events. Campus events are all-inclusive, so we welcome families to participate as much as possible. Our staff and faculty are here to support your child, and you, as they navigate their way successfully toward graduation and a new career.

Throughout the year, we cultivate a spirit of philanthropy, by spotlighting community service organizations and local charities that meet the needs within our community and abroad. We believe that these lessons help students gain a sense of community, awareness, networking skills, and develop into well rounded individuals.

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