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Bachelor Degree Program in Business Administration

With a presence in virtually every sector of the economy, Business Administration continues to be a heavily sought-after skill with a universal appeal. When you include the integration of technology into standard business practices, then you have moved into the business of the twenty-first century.

Business Administration graduates have skills fostered by hands-on labs and small classes taught by faculty with years of industry experience. General education courses selected for their applicability to Business Administration create a balance of knowledge. Students study technology challenges that face today’s businesses. The result: graduates who are prepared to take on national and global business needs, grounded in a fundamental and sound understanding of management and technology.

Preparation sets the Mt. Sierra College graduate apart from the competition. Challenging courses emulate future workplace tasks. When that first day on the job arrives, graduates have the confidence and skills to communicate effectively, evaluate strategies, and implement vision.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration are equipped to move into the professional world in positions such as entry to mid-level Administrative Manager, Business or Office Manager, Management Analyst, Budget Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Sales Representative, and Sales Manager.

Learn how to begin your business administration career and find the perfect business administration job!

Find out how your degree from Mt. Sierra can you help you land one of many careers in business administration!

After you land your job, find out what NOT to do in the business administration workplace.

Read up on ways to boost your productivity once you begin your business career!

Learn about what it takes to have a succesful marketing career.

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