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Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Design with concentration in


Creativity and technology come together for Visual Design students. The worlds of entertainment, education, and business require visual design professionals who can tackle a wide variety of challenges using proven design techniques coupled with the latest technology. Students specializing in this area will develop the ability to create designed content, from initial conceptualization through final realization. This content will be aimed at multichannel distribution, flowing between static and dynamic media, as needs dictate.

Visual designers are at the forefront of the burgeoning fields of UI/UX design, the essential experiential and interactive components underlying an ever-changing digital world. It is their skill that makes the interplay of text and image come alive, and it is their skill that creates engaging experiences for the target audiences.

Students specializing in Visual Design will pursue coursework that covers user interface and experience design, branding, multichannel publishing, packaging, rapid prototyping, web, interaction design, and entrepreneurship. They will be able to  pursue a web design and development stream, or a multichannel design stream. Visual Design students are equipped for entry into career paths within the fields of Graphic or Visual Design, UI/UX Design, and Web Design and Development.

Some of the companies our graduates work at include: Apple, Xerox, Yahoo, Verizon, LinkedIn, Pepsi, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Activision, Marvel Studios, Lightstorm Entertainment, ABC, Disney, MGM, NBC, CBS, Universal, Warner Brothers.

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