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The following principles serve as a foundation, assisting the College and its students in meeting the needs of the world of today and tomorrow:

  • A hands-on, experiential education. Mt Sierra College offers an education that combines practical experience and a strong theoretical understanding of the principles that govern the application of technological, artistic and business skills, preparing students for successful roles in their chosen field and in their community;
  • An opportunity to explore the world through a strong general education. Students leave Mt Sierra College with a theoretical and practical basis for understanding the forces that shape society. Students develop the ability to think critically and to communicate effectively using the written and spoken word;
  • An atmosphere that promotes student success. Learning is enhanced through small class size, individual attention, student-centered support services and the practice of placing the educational needs of the student first;
  • The use of a variety of learning resources. Students learn to identify problems and research solutions supported by tools and programs provided by the College, creating practical solutions through creative experiences;
  • A focus on effective learning outcomes including internship opportunities and other experiences to enhance the students’ education, professional development and future employment;
  • A flexible structure that recognizes the complex world in which we live and offers educational programs through a variety of methods, including the use of distance education. The College understands the many barriers that the student of today faces and offers programs and services to support the various learning needs of its students;
  • A learning environment that encourages diversity by making programs accessible to a geographically diverse and multicultural population through quality programs.

Technology Meets Creativity

Mt Sierra College offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Media Arts & Design with concentrations in Game Arts and Design & Visual Design. The College offers Bachelor of Science degrees in communications Technology, Information Technology with concentrations in Computer Information Technology, Information Technology with concentrations in Information Security and Business Administration.

Mt Sierra College offers instruction in new technologies while providing students a solid understanding of oral and written communication, critical thinking and insight into the global forces that shape the world around us. Using technology as the core, instructional programs have been designed to produce tomorrow’s leaders in business, technology and the arts today. Mt Sierra College offers a winning combination of technology, creativity, and general education in a caring and supportive environment—an environment that produces results. Mt Sierra College is making a difference in the lives of students, in technology and in the regional economy.