Peer Recognition Awards

Please provide the name of your nominee and a short description of why they deserve the award. 

Have a classmate in mind that you believe deserves to be recognized? Nominate a fellow classmate for the Peer Recognition Award for one or more of the categories listed below:

Awards will be announced at the Graduation Celebration Luncheon on May 19, 2017

Nomination Deadline: Thursday, May 18, 2017

Only students of the 2017 Graduating Class may vote.

Students cannot vote for themselves.

Each participant can only vote once per category, 

This candidate displays characteristics of honesty, focus, respect, confidence, a team-player and communicates effectively in group settings. Exhibits qualities of serving something greater than themselves.


Overcoming Adversity

Most Creative

Peer Recognition Catergories

This candidate has shown great courage throughout times of distress or hardship that have occurred academically, professionally, or personally, yet the candidate still focuses and finds the energy to attain their educational, professional, or personal goals.

Take a look at the categories and vote for students you believe match these qualities.

This candidate exhibits a friendly demeanor, welcoming and amiable. Someone that is easy to get along with and very approachable.

This candidate finds ways to solve problems with unique solutions, usually enhancing your perspective. Some that takes risks and ignores doubt and confronts fears. Something that challenges themselves every day and breaking routine.

This candidate is kind, genuine, and sets their needs aside for others to ensure the team or group goals are accomplished

Supporting Role


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