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Mt Sierra College is deeply committed to the academic and professional success of its students.  The college maintains a staff of highly qualified professionals to meet the needs of the students.  The Student Services Department is available to answer questions, offer solutions, and address concerns.  Services are provided free of charge to all students and alumni.

The Student Services Department also includes Career Services. The services provided are:

Student Services

  • Student activities
  • Student council
  • Events on and off campus
  • Housing
  • Workshops
  • Community involvement
  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) accommodations
  • Student Code of Conduct

Mt Sierra College provides organized student activities to promote student involvement.  There is an active student council. Students interested in being involved with the student council should contact Student Services.

The Student Services staff is dedicated to enhancing the college experience.  Students interested in learning about opportunities that exist on campus should stop by Student Services for information.

Rights and Responsibilities

Network and Internet access are privileges provided to Mt Sierra College students solely for academic purposes. When connected to the network, students have the right to expect their computers will be free from unauthorized access through the network. All students have a right to expect the products of their intellectual efforts will be safe from destruction, theft, tampering, or other abuse. In order to protect their files, students are responsible for limiting share access, for setting appropriate passwords, and for keeping their passwords confidential.

Network access is provided to students for intellectual and academic purposes; recreational use of the network resources is not allowed. Unnecessary traffic can impact the speed of the network and the learning process for other students. Computer and network use during class is permitted only at the Instructor’s discretion. Accessing, streaming, downloading, uploading, or sending copyrighted, sexually oriented or offensive material is expressly prohibited. Mt Sierra College reserves the right to monitor, review, and disclose all such data and communications as it deems appropriate. Users should have no expectation of privacy when using such resources belonging to the College.

College-owned computers and related equipment are the responsibility of the Information Systems Department (I.S.) and designated lab assistants. These employees are expected to respect the privacy of computer users and maintain the equipment to enhance the educational experience for our students at Mt Sierra College. However, the I.S. department is authorized to access user files or suspend services without notice to protect the integrity of the system. The I.S. department may also examine accounts suspected of unauthorized use or misuse, or that have been corrupted or damaged. All violations will be researched, and violators determined to have committed deliberate misuse or abuse of these systems will be disciplined as deemed appropriate by the Academics Department following the guidelines of the Academic Integrity Policy. Serious violations, such as unauthorized access to any system other than one’s own, may lead to dismissal from the College.

Download Student Resource Guide 2019 here.